Published on March 5, 2018  

Although I was out of the country when it occurred, one morning a few days ago my inbox began to fill up with stories of an episode along Lakeshore Drive as employees and students were arriving for work and classes, in which a driver’s truck had broken down.  Apparently a Samford student stopped his car, ran to other side of the street and helped the man push his truck safely along the shoulder.  Other accounts of the story include an unnamed Samford employee, running from near the west entrance to the campus, to lend a hand.  As I stood last week in Israel along a route from Jerusalem to Jericho, the path identified by Jesus in his “parable of the good Samaritan,” I remembered this act of kindness offered by two caring, anonymous individuals associated with Samford.   

The world is better when we help another person, without regard for credit or recognition.