Katherine and Jason Wolf are Samford graduates, living in California.  Last April, Katherine suffered a catastrophic bleeding in her brain, resulting from an arteriovenous malformation, an unusual collection of blood vessels.  In what can only be described as a miracle, Katherine is alive today, undergoing a slow, steady recovery.  Last month, on the date of their fourth wedding anniversary, Jason wrote these words:  “The bride, though now unable to walk herself down any aisle or clearly speak her wedding vows or eat her beloved wedding cake, is somehow, impossibly more radiant now than she was then.  Now, she glows with the light of new life.  Those two giddy newlyweds are still in here, somewhere deep down.  We’ve been battered, but we are not broken.”  Just last week, on Christmas Eve, Katherine wrote, “On a Christmas when I can neither walk nor eat, I find myself grateful for what I do have.” 


The world is better because of Katherine and Jason Wolf—and for the faith that sustains them.