Chris Feigl, a loyal member of our public safety staff, died very suddenly last week at his home.  He was a sergeant on our staff and the evening shift supervisor.  Chris was respected by those he sought to help, as demonstrated by this message from one of our students: 

"I am a junior here at Samford. I am so deeply sorry to hear about Sergeant Feigl's passing. I was in an accident on campus earlier this year where my car was totaled and turned on its side. Sergeant Feigl was the first to respond. Throughout the process he was so helpful and concerned about how I was doing. I walked away from that experience thinking so highly of Sergeant Feigl and of campus safety, I was literally singing their praises to my friends. I would see Sergeant Feigl across campus after the accident and he would  always ask how I was doing. I just wanted you to know that, coming from a Samford student, he will be missed from the Samford Community. Give my regards to his family. I will be praying for them throughout this holiday season.”  

The world is better because of the legacy of Chris Feigl.