One week ago, Price and Ann Hightower, long-time residents of Birmingham, were in a terrible car accident near Sylacauga.  An 18-wheeler crossed the median and struck their car head-on.  Mr. Hightower was killed instantly.  Chris Goree, a December graduate of Samford, and Caitlyn Cota, a current student, were first on the scene.  They pulled Mrs. Hightower from the car.  Chris shattered the driver’s side window, breaking his wrist in the process, as he tried to reach for Mr. Hightower.  Caitlyn dressed Mrs. Hightower’s wounds, talked with her, retrieved her purse and used her cell phone to call a family member.  Caitlyn climbed aboard the ambulance with Mrs. Hightower, proceeding to the hospital in Sylacauga.  Chris followed, and they remained with Mrs. Hightower until family members began to arrive.  They remain in touch with members of the Hightower family. 


 Those who show mercy prove themselves to be neighbors.   


The world is better because of Chris Goree and Caitlyn Cota.