Faith Mugwe is a Kenyan student in our McWhorter School of Pharmacy.  Last week she began her clinical rotations in Perry County, Alabama.  In the written summary of her experiences of the past week, she said, "I came to the United States of America thinking that health care was readily available to everyone."  After encountering Perry County residents who travel by bus for miles for the simplest of procedures--having their blood pressure read, for instance--she recognizes that problems remain within the landscape of American health care.  But her essay didn't stop there, as she outlined various approaches to public policy.  "In the meantime," she observed, "the patient needs to be taught how to take care of their disease and how to eat right."  Furthermore, "When the patients are aware of the consequences, they will be motivated to take care of themselves and also help their neighbors." 


The world is better because of the McWhorter School of Pharmacy and our graduates, helping one neighbor at a time.