The Bulldog Investment Fund was created last year through a combination of gifts from friends and the use of some of the larger Samford endowment. It is a student-managed fund, taught as a course in the Brock School of Business by our own John Venable and his Regions Bank colleague Matt Smith. The students must confront real market issues, discover and analyze real stocks, and invest real dollars. As fund managers, they make regular presentations to the members of the Investment Committee of the Samford Board of Trustees, where they are asked difficult questions about the performance of their portfolio. Our trustees were so impressed with the fact that the Bulldog Fund is among the nation’s top three percent of student-managed funds that they voted earlier this month to increase the investment pool to $1 million. Earnings from the fund support the breadth and depth of our programs at Samford.

The world is better because of the lessons learned by our students (even during turbulent times in the markets) through the Brock School of Business.