Dr. Ken Mathews is a faculty member in our Beeson School of Divinity.  His wife, Dea, serves as an analyst in institutional effectiveness.  Together, they are among the nicest people at Samford--or on the planet, for that matter.  Ken had heart surgery a few days ago.  (The great news is that he is home now, resting and recovering.)  The day after his surgery, as his nurse visited the room, Ken motioned for the nurse to pass him pen and paper.  Of course, the nurse assumed that Ken would write something along the lines of "I'm in pain," or "I need this or that."  Instead, imagine the nurse's surprise when he read Ken's message:  "You are doing a really good job.  Thank you."  


The world is better because Ken and Dea Mathews live out their faith, even in moments of adversity.