Barbara Cartledge of our Brock School of Business wrote to me last week of the accomplishments of one of our students:


 "Allison Farmer, senior Brock School of Business Management major and Social Entrepreneurship concentration, will not only complete her degree in May 2010 but also conclude a broader philanthropic undertaking. After learning and witnessing the plight of a North Birmingham family and their dwelling in a Jan term course, Allison decided to volunteer and direct the renovation of their decaying home. The home was described as a “dark, four-room cave." The family has three adult dependents with mental disabilities being cared for by their diabetic 70 year-old mother. The home has not had any outside assistance in decades. Allison is bringing life, hope and self-esteem through her teams of cleaning, construction, maintenance and repair. The home of the family is being transformed through Allison’s work, vision and fellow laborers."


 The world is better because Allison Farmer is taking care of the overlooked and ignored.