Claude Rhea, Senior Advancement Officer, wrote to me last week about the Spring Break activities of Samford's A Cappella Choir in New Orleans:


"Their singing inspired audible gasps of delight across the Crescent City--from seasoned musicians in the University of New Orleans Concert Hall to chemical plant workers in the pews at Williams Boulevard Baptist Church.  And, instead of griping when they were assigned to cut weed and brush in the Lower Ninth Ward, the Choir tackled the task and made it fun.  After speaking with the leader of the Ninth Ward Homeowners Association, Choir president Quincy Price briefed our students on why clearing an acre of waist-high reeds and brambles was important.  You would think General Patton had given them a pep talk.  Their work eliminated a public nuisance fine of $100 per day the city was preparing to levy upon the owners of the lot, who hope to rebuild and return.  


"With their voices, they touched hearts.  With their hands, they transformed one small part of a hurting city."   


The world is better because of the voices and hands of our A Cappella Choir.