Along with hundreds of his peers from across the country and around the world, Perry Beasley of Marietta, Georgia will enter Samford in August as a new student.  He was hoping to play football this fall . . . until March, when he discovered a mass on the left side of his neck.  Perry has Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin's Disease.  It has a high cure rate and Perry's hopes are boundless, but it is not exactly the way that he had planned to begin his college career.  He said, "When I first found out, I went into my room and I just cried. I was doing really well in school, was going to play college football, was becoming stronger, so I felt a little helpless, very frustrated, and couldn't help but think, 'Why me?' But that didn't last long, and eventually I just made our house a no-cry zone. I was going to beat this, I was going to be OK, and needed to just focus on what's next."

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The world is better because of Perry Beasley.