Justin Moody is a student at Samford, but he was deployed through the Army National Guard to Afghanistan earlier this semester.  In an exchange last week with Dr. Alan Jung, Chair of our Department of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, Justin first apologized for not staying in regular contact as "things have been a little crazy around these parts."  He also offered gratitude that "people are thinking and praying for us over here."   

The most striking portion of Justin's message came in his concluding sentences:  "I hope that finals are going well.  Please let everyone know (even those that may not know me) that I am praying for them.  My guys are praying as well.  I know that finals can be stressful, but I also know what kind of students that Samford has."  A world away, in a chaotic environment, Justin and "his guys" stopped to pray for US! 

The world is better because of Justin Moody and those who serve with him.