From a Birmingham-area resident (sorry, but I have not sought permission to use her name), reporting on a recent encounter with McWhorter School of Pharmacy students and faculty at Shelby Baptist Medical Center: 


"When they were getting my husband ready for surgery in ICU, he flat lined and they called a code blue.  The emergency team that responds to this code includes a pharmacist.  That morning the pharmacist had two Samford University interns with him who followed him when he responded to the call.  Those two young men did CPR on my husband and saved his life." 


Dr. Charlie Sands, McWhorter dean, has identified the members of the life-saving Samford team as Dr. Bob Henderson, two P4 students (Joe Glovacz and Matt Jackson) and a P2 student (Katie Carrier). 


The world is better because the McWhorter School of Phamacy prepares pharmacists who transform lives.