From Katie Ormsbee, co-recipient in May of the President's Cup, given to the graduate with the highest grade point average:

“I will miss Samford dearly. I was originally drawn to Samford because of its study abroad program in London and the caliber of its English department. And, yes, I admit, the incredible squirrel population was a plus, too. :] After spending a semester abroad at the Daniel House and getting to know, admire, and learn from each of our English professors, I can say that God certainly knew what he was doing when he brought me here. Not to mention, I discovered so much more than I anticipated when I first arrived. I have loved my time at Samford, both inside the classroom and out, and if there's one lesson that sticks out more than any other it's that my greatest lessons came from outside class time, with my friends and other members of the Birmingham community. I think my time at Samford has given me a terrific grounding to teach English in Spain this coming year and to apply to grad school afterward with the hopes of becoming a writer and professor.  I'll never forget the debt I owe Samford and all of the friends and faculty who invested in my life.”

The world is better because of Katie Ormsbee . . . and everyone who has helped her along the way.