Among the people at Samford making a great contribution to the health and happiness of the campus are employees of Campus Dining, the company that operates our cafeteria, food court, and related concerns.  A recent message from the father of a summer camper illustrates the significance of their efforts for students, employees, and guests: 

"My son attended a 7-on-7 camp with his Prattville Christian Academy football team that was hosted by Samford on Friday, July 8.  Prattville Christian won the competition.  Upon his return to Prattville, I picked him up at the school and asked 'well?'  You would think that winning the camp competition would be on his mind, but not so.  The first thing he said was that 'Samford has the best cafeteria in the world.'  He then proceeded to tell me, in great detail, about each food item he tried and how wonderful it was. That's some pretty tall cotton . . ." 

The world is better because of the dedicated service of Campus Dining employees.