Dr. David Luthin of our McWhorter School of Pharmacy wrote to me recently with the details of how our students, faculty, and staff responded to a crisis within the family of one of our P4 students.  The quote is lengthy, but the story is worthy of a few seconds of your time as we begin a new semester at Samford. 


From Dr. Luthin: 


"Last semester one of our P4 students found out that his wife was diagnosed with leukemia. The P4 class president, Scott Keith, brought it to my attention (I serve as the class advisor for the P4 class) and to our administration. Immediately, a call to action occurred in which we asked how we could all help. It was apparent that the medical bills were going to be enormous as he has minimum health insurance coverage. Not only were their medical bills going to be a problem, but since the P4 student was the sole provider for his wife and two young boys by maintaining part-time work as a pharmacy technician, his family was also in jeopardy of not being able to pay their rent and utility bills. Our faculty and students answered the call raising thousands of dollars to help the family, and funds are still rolling in for him. In addition, after continuous pressure by Scott Keith, the P4 student provided a Christmas 'wish list' from his boys that was distributed, and all items on the list were immediately provided by both faculty and students. I am so proud to be part of this faculty and Samford University." 


The world is better because Samford people value "service to God, to family, to one another, and to the community."