A few months ago, I had the pleasure of visiting in the law school one morning with Dean John Carroll as he hosted two Cumberland graduates on campus.  The two grads had been close friends during their Cumberland days; each had moved on to develop successful lives.  As we talked, they asked if they might see Professor Joe Snoe, one of our distinguished faculty members.  During the three-minute walk to his office, years after completing the requirements for their degrees, the grads recounted their overwhelming fear of showing up unprepared for Professor Snoe’s classes. Despite their fears, each said that he was one of the best faculty members they had ever encountered.  Nearing his office, the graduates were astounded as Professor Snoe rose from his chair, called them by name, and then proceeded to recall in considerable detail their journey through Cumberland.   


The world is better because of Professor Joseph Snoe and the members of the Samford faculty.