With the economic difficulties of recent years and the troubling employment picture for many young attorneys, law schools across the country are under great scrutiny.  It is common to encounter news stories and op-ed pieces built around the central question of whether or not a law degree is worth the investment.  One of the key assessment measures for the nation's 195 accredited law schools is the percentage of graduates "employed in full-time, long-term jobs requiring a law degree." The most recent data applies to the Class of 2011, and the national average for all accredited law schools was 55.22 percent.  The Cumberland School of Law posted an average of 65.54 percent, more than 10 points above the national average and in the top quartile of rates in the United States. Do we wish the placement rates could be higher?  Yes.  Are we impressed with the quality of our graduates and the depth of their preparation? Yes.


 The world is better because Samford graduates persevere.