This past fall of 2012, Bishop Dr. Laurent Mbanda, leader of the Rwanda Shyira Diocese, visited Samford and met with faculty and business honors students in the Brock Scholars Program. As a result of this visit, our May graduate Cameron Collins is serving today alongside the Bishop as the Shyira Diocese’s Chief Development Officer.  Cameron is putting his social entrepreneurship and economics studies into practice, as he works to advance the myriad of programs that serve 323 local congregations through 42 parishes and a community of close to 100,000 people in Rwanda. Cameron’s responsibilities include grant writing, coordinating communication with the West, and overseeing the reporting and evaluation of the diocese's economic empowerment, health, education and other programs.  “Through my position in Rwanda I have been able to utilize the skills I developed at Samford to further the mission of the Church in Rwanda. I look forward to this next year and all the lessons I will learn while serving in Rwanda.”

 The world is better because of Cameron Collins and all thefaculty and staff who prepared him for service.