The first classes of the semester for undergraduates will begin in a few minutes, following the invasion this past Friday of 758 entering freshmen, the largest class in Samford’s history.  All is well. 

I received the following message (slightly altered to protect the identity of the new student) early Saturday morning from a happy parent and Samford alum.  His comments are representative of the dozens of messages that I have received from families who are grateful for the attention shown to them as their sons and daughters chose Samford.

“My wife and I have experienced Samford from so many different perspectives over the years, and therefore never really had to be ‘sold’ on Samford as the college choice for our son.  If we had shown up yesterday and experienced the move-in a more typical fashion, as compared with friends at other schools, we would not have thought any less of Samford. However, what we experienced blew us away! I can only imagine what people who have not yet experienced Samford at a deeper level must be thinking. My heart was filled with gratitude (and a little holy pride!) as I watched that incredible scene unfold.  The efficiency is incredible, but more than that, the genuine care and concern of this special community was on full display and was authentically demonstrated in a Romans 12:1 fashion.

“There are many things we love about Samford, but THAT is why I woke up on this first ‘new normal’ morning, thanking God that our son chose to spend these pivotal years at the place that so deeply impacted our lives.  Those were great days to be sure, but not the best days. Those stories are being written right now.  I am so thankful my family will continue to be beneficiaries of this legacy of faith and faithfulness.  May God continue to protect and provide Samford with His wisdom, strength, protection and provision.”

The world is better (and brighter this morning) becauseSamford is welcoming a new generation of students.  Let’s give them our best.