Here is a short summary of many of the (relatively unnoticed) projects they’ve overseen this summer:

Replaced the roofs on student apartments and the Air Force ROTC building; renovated multiple bathrooms in the residence halls; replaced rotted wood soffits and window trim in several housing units; removed popcorn ceilings in several locations; refinished multiple doors and repainted rooms and hallways in some residence halls; repaired and repainted cupolas on Ingalls Hall and Samford Hall; repaired the brick and painted the main gate (in process); replaced rusted pipe to Buchanan Hall fan coils (in process); began installation of generator for Brooks Hall; replaced winter burnt sod on Sherman Circle; raised a large section of the north porch at the Center for Healing Arts; cleared the west campus retention pond of saplings and woody vines; replaced the lines of rigging in Harrison Theatre (in process).  Still to come:  putting down a binder coat of asphalt on the gravel lot on the east side of Montague Drive; repairing pot holes in streets and parking lots across campus; replacing carpet with tile in several areas; adding temperature sensors to walk-in freezers to allow for alerts if temperatures are now within acceptable ranges; and other items that are pitched into the basket in the next two weeks.

 The world is better because of the constant attention of our facilities management staff.