Within hours of the posting of the story, Mike Floyd, Professor of Law and Director of International Studies for our Cumberland School of Law, was writing to ask for Mary’s email address so that he could connect her with Cumberland alumna Loreta Raulinaityte, who recently concluded a six-month effort to organize Lithuania’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Mary’s teacher and mentor, Dr. Serena Simoni of Howard College’s Department of Political Science, readily supplied the email address, and then Mike connected Loreta and Mary through the magic of electronic communication. As these events were unfolding, Dr. Brad Creed, our Provost and Executive Vice President, was writing to Mary’s father, back home in Texas, to make sure that he knew his daughter had been highlighted in a “Monday Mission.” 

Why bother with passing along these details associated with a simple message? Because the members of the Samford faculty think first and often of the ways in which they can help to connect their students and graduates with important people and causes across the globe. 

The world is better because of the members of the Samford faculty.