In the message, Cassandra offered praise for Denise Gregory, Samford’s Director of Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives, for her efforts on behalf of a student who was interested in attending law school. In part, Cassandra wrote:

“More than four years ago, Dr. Denise Gregory was renting a car from Enterprise and met a young lady who was a recent college graduate working for the company. While processing Denise’s rental paperwork, they began talking about the young lady’s future goals. That was when she shared that she wanted to attend law school. Denise told her to contact me and to say ‘Dr. Gregory referred you,’ which was code for, ‘Cassandra you better help that girl!’  She contacted me and I followed through on my mandate. Yesterday, to my delight, I received the email below . . .” 

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been accepted into Cumberland. This has definitely been a journey and I thank you for all of your encouragement and help along the way. I look forward to seeing you this fall.”

While Cassandra was writing to thank Denise for discovering the prospect, it is clear that Cassandra was faithful in following through on her “mandate.” The story reminds each of us that a shared focus on students is always a good thing.

The world is better because of Cassandra Adams and Denise Gregory.