Published on February 24, 2018  
Hayden Pharmacy
Jennifer Metcalf, ’92 has a long history with Samford’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy. She followed in her dad’s footsteps by attending Samford and graduating from pharmacy school. Not only did we visit Metcalf to see Hayden Pharmacy, her amazing pharmacy in Hayden, Alabama, but we also had the great pleasure of delivery a report that provided an update to her and her family on the endowed scholarship that is named after her father, Larry Shipp, ’66, and is currently supporting current students that the McWhorter School of Pharmacy. We feel very lucky to carry on Mr. Shipps’ legacy through this fund that will forever exist at Samford. After our visit, we got an email from Metcalf. She wanted to make sure that we knew how great her employees and customers have been throughout the 25 years that she’s been serving the residents of Hayden. She said, “We are a very close knit community and I’m fortunate to be a part of it as a health care provider. I appreciate how Samford University prepared me to be a benefit to my community!”