Julianne  Jorgensen
Major: English and Classics
Minor: Greek

Julianne's Experience

Internship Location

Lincoln Archives, National Archives and the Library of Congress

Evening Class

Nonprofit Leadership and Management

What types of things did you work on in your internship?

I created spreadsheets documenting the archives on my specific subject; I handled Civil War documents and transcribed them; I created webpages for each of the documents, so that others can research online and use them.

What was your favorite part of the experience and/or what recommendations you have for future interns?

I truly enjoyed all aspects of my experience, but particularly my internship. I loved going to work everyday, and this experience opened my eyes to a whole career path I had not considered before - research and digital history. I would advise taking advantage of every opportunity TWC presents to the students, even the ones that possibly make you feel uncomfortable because that was where I was challenged and grew in my confidence. Also, keep in contact with your internship supervisor. I still chat with mine, and she has been a wonderful mentor and contact for me to have.