Published on October 3, 2012 by Steve Donaldson  

On Saturday, October 20, 2012, the Center for Science and Religion will host a one-day conference for pastors, ministerial staff, and church members at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham. Noted author Dr. Karl Giberson will deliver the keynote address on the topic "Is Science at War with the Church?" Additional sessions will address questions such as "Can there be Purpose in a World of Chance?" (Dr. Tom Woolley), "Where Do We Come From? (Dr. Wilton Bunch), "Is There a Place for the Soul in a Physical Brain?" (Dr. George Keller), "What Difference Does Interpretation Make?" (Dr. Todd Harrington), and "The Seven Deadly Sins of Science and Religion" (Dr. Steve Donaldson). Lunch will be provided for up to five ministers and members per congregation if registered by October 12. Contact Mandy Hewitt at or 205-871-7324 to make reservations.