Birmingham Episcopal Campus Ministries

Birmingham Episcopal Campus Ministries is a ministry of The Episcopal Church in Alabama. We believe that God is calling us into loving, liberating, and life-giving relationships with God, and each other. God is love, and through Christ, God invites us to share that love; wherever there is pain or alienation, God longs to knit all people and creation back into wholeness and relationship. We invite you to join us for conversation and hangout in the University center each Wednesday morning, weekly worship on campus (each Wednesday at Noon in Reid Chapel) or at our student center located at 1170 11th Ave. S., Birmingham, near the UAB campus. We welcome and affirm all people because God welcomes and affirms all.

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Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach is an interdenominational campus ministry that exists to “multiply Christ-like leaders” on the campus for the lost world. Our heart is, through evangelism, prayer, and discipleship to see students fall in love with Jesus through the Word & prayer, learn how to lead others to Him, and beg God to transform lives. Having begun as a ministry at Samford in 1978, Campus Outreach is now at nearly 80 campuses and five continents.
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Catholic Student Association

The Catholic Student Association is an organization for Catholic and non-Catholic students to meet and engage in interfaith dialogue for the purpose of understanding the commonalities that we share as Christians as well as to gain a respectful understanding of the religious viewpoint of others. This is an organization based on a Love of Christ and a belief that God calls each of us in different ways. It is the prayerful hope of the Samford University Catholic Student Association that each person grow stronger in his or her faith through social, service, and/or prayer activities provided by this organization. Come join a growing, supportive, active community of Catholics!
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RUF at Samford

Since 2002, RUF has ministered to students at Samford, giving a well-developed, heart-felt witness to the person and work of Jesus Christ. We long to cultivate mature relationships among students that manifest themselves in a love for others, a heart for service, and a deep intimacy with the Living God. As God deals with us through His Word and through each other, we hope to see the Kingdom of God advance beyond the walls of Samford into the community at large. We invite you to be a part of God's work in, with, and through RUF at Samford.

Samford Wesley Fellowship

Samford Wesley exists to enable students to encounter God and make a positive impact on Samford's campus and in society in the name of Jesus Christ. At Wesley, we believe that every student matters and that there is great power in community. Everyone has something to give and something to receive. We trust in the inspiration and authority of scripture to guide us into truth. God still speaks, heals, and does miracles and he desires to awaken the Samford campus!
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