Erin  Prester
Standing: Senior
Major: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hometown: Brighton, Tennessee
Active during her time at Samford, Erin is involved in many aspects of campus life. As a Chemistry and Biochemistry major, she does research in Dr. Wiget's organic chemistry lab and her work will be presented at the regional meeting of the American Chemical Society in Savannah, Georgia. She is a student member of the American Chemical Society and works with her classmates to perform chemistry demonstrations for the campus and to help students study for their exams each semester. She also serves as a Howard Ambassador for her department. She has worked on the Core Team of the Catholic Student Association for the past two years and will continue to lead during her last year at Samford, dedicating her time to ensuring that all students feel welcome on Samford's campus. After graduation, Erin plans to pursue a career in medicine.