Bradyn  Debysingh
Standing: Junior
Major: Musical Theatre and Classics
Hometown: Cottage Grove, Oregon
Scholar by day and actor by night, Bradyn has kept vested interests in Samford Classics and Musical Theatre as he has progressed in his education with University Fellows. Bradyn has been apart of several Samford Theatre productions including Children of Eden, the Ghosts of Gatsby, and 1776, and also recently worked for Birmingham's professional Red Mountain Theatre Company in their production of My Fair Lady. While not singing, dancing, or acting, Bradyn studies Classics and is especially interested in Latin literature and pedagogy. He has been leading a group of Latinists that introduces Latin to children at Cornerstone Elementary in Woodlawn, AL through the Paideia Institute's Aequora curriculum, and is the the founder of a spoken Latin group on campus. He is also a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta honors society and is secretary of the theatre society, Alpha Psi Omega. Bradyn hopes to combine his passions for the performing arts and humanities by eventually becoming a traveling performer-scholar teacher through an interdisciplinary graduate school program and theatrical work-experience.