The Leslie Stephen Wright Fine Arts Center was built on Samford University’s campus in 1976 to serve the needs of the university. This beautiful building and performance space has become an arts-oriented facility that serves a larger community, where people can gather, learn and experience top-quality entertainment.

Quick Facts

  • 58 x 29-foot proscenium stage with rehearsal hall beneath
  • 2,633 seats (1,614 orchestra level, 1,019 balcony level)
  • Furthest seat not more than 150 feet from the stage
  • Load-in at stage level, 45 feet from the stage
  • Two 30-seat chorus dressing rooms, including showers and bathrooms
  • One 25-seat chorus dressing room, including running water
  • Two single-star dressing rooms, including shower and bathroom
  • In-house staff available to presenter

Technical Features

  • House sound system suitable for most events
  • Permanent JBL speaker cluster built into the proscenium arch
  • JBL side-fill and front-fill speakers
  • Crest Audio X8 32 channel sound board
  • ETC Express 72/144 lighting desk with 250 lights available
  • Standard light plot with 11 washes maintained year round (works for most rentals)
  • Two 200-amp three-phase and one 400 amp three-phase power boxes located conveniently off stage
  • Clear Com headset system with four wireless packs
  • Two Robert Juliat spotlights
  • 52 single-purchase counter-weight lines
  • Five overhead electrics
  • Four rows of three-color border lights
  • Five sets of black velour legs and borders
  • One plastic cyclorama
  • One blue velour mid-stage traveler
  • One full-stage black velour curtain
  • 20 x 40-foot mylar “glitz” curtain
  • Beautiful red velour grand drape
  • Hydraulic orchestra pit (holds up to 40 musicians)
  • Sanyo 720 dpi 15k lumen projector
  • 9' x 16' HD Front Projection Screen