Published on November 21, 2017 by Olivia Samples  

About This Post

If you have found this page, you probably do not have the most excited view about math, and -- to be fair -- math is really hard. This blog post offers ways for math to be easier, starting with going further than just memorization.

First Step to a Good Grade

First of all, college math classes do not usually require homework to be handed in and graded. Rather, you are given the option as a student to take the extra step and practice on your own. While this may seem like a perfect opportunity to have more free time throughout the semester, taking that extra step is actually very important. If you do not practice the material on your own, then you will never understand it on your own. The homework lets your mind connect the dots then shows you where you are still confused. To see where you are still confused, be sure to check your answers in the back of the book. You can also use the websites Slader and Chegg to check for the answers to even-numbered practice problems or to check for more thorough explanations of odd-numbered problems.

Improve by Asking the Professor

Once you learn which problems you are still confused about, make sure to ask the professor questions about those problems in class. The problems usually end up making sense to you by the end; however, if you are still stuck, the most important thing to do is to actually go and talk to your professor during office hours. If you are struggling, go see your professor one-on-one. Check your syllabus for your professor's office hours and location.

Extra Resources

While these are the two most important steps in improving your mathematical skills and grades, there are a few other resources that can be helpful. For instance, the free tutoring and private tutoring options that Samford offers include the services of multiple math majors to help you in subjects up through Calculus I. The tutors have been through the classes you are going through and can remember how they successfully finished those classes. You could also use Khan Academy's videos and practice questions to better understand the material.

A Final Word

Overall, the best options for improving your math grade are to actually do your homework and to talk one-on-one with your professor. You professor will be the best help in understanding the points you are missing. So, take a deep breath, realize how cool math really is, and then hunker down and learn. That's why we are at college, isn't it? Yes, the answer is "yes." While it may not be a quick and easy way out, actually studying and working is the best way to learn. It takes time!