Higher Education Legal Articles

This webpage hosts articles distributed periodically to the faculty and staff of Samford. The articles address legal issues of interest to some portion of the Samford community. Some issues will focus on university policies and procedures. Others may address issues of broader application such as federal statutes and agency regulations, as well as significant court decisions that impact higher education. Topics of interest to private, faith-based institutions, such as tax-exempt status, governance and religious liberty, will also be fair game.

Latest Articles

Contract Review and Approval: Make the Process Work Well for You
Over the course of an academic year, Samford faculty, administration and student organizations generate hundreds, and perhaps thousands of contracts. Successfully negotiating, preparing and signing these contracts requires the diligent engagement of many members of the Samford community. Learn how the process works, what to expect and how to avoid potential pitfalls.
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Higher Education Legal News: April 2017
Stay up-to-date on legal news of importance to the Samford community.
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