Published on August 30, 2017 by Kim Brown  

Welcome back, Samford friends! Operations and Planning has been busy this summer and we want to share an update with you. Operations and Planning is a unit under the division of Business and Financial Affairs. It includes: Facilities Management, Capital Planning and Improvement, Public Safety and Emergency Management, Parking and Transportation, Sustainability and Events Management.

Campus Master Plan Update

Samford’s comprehensive Campus Master Plan will take many years to complete but phase 1 initiatives are well underway. Here are some projects we have tackled this summer:

Infrastructure Maintenance & Enhancements

  • Structural improvements and waterproofing of the Northeast Deck is nearing completion.
  • The east side of Montague Drive, the OBB parking lot, and the Montague intersection at Talbird Circle have been resurfaced. Speed bumps were also replaced and lot painting/striping was conducted all across campus.
  • Sewer Line repair in the University Center is in progress.
  • Replacement of Chilled Water Valves on the Quad began this summer and will continue through the semester.
  • Repaving and striping of the upper portion of the North Deck was delayed; however, it will be rescheduled for later in the year.

Residence Hall Improvements

  • Seven facilities staff members and four painters worked in the dorms all summer to repair and refurbish over 2,500 rooms and other spaces. We completed approximately 40 spaces per day for 13 weeks.
  • Our facilities plan outlines specific improvements in designated buildings each summer. This summer we identified approximately 40 bathrooms to be remodeled because of “soft spots” in the floors. Additionally, we removed the popcorn ceiling in Sigma Nu, and stair treds in some residence halls.

New Construction

  • The construction of a new 70-bed Tri Delta house on west campus has been completed for occupancy.
  • A paved and lighted pedestrian walkway is being installed between west campus and west village in the coming weeks. The walkway is expected to help with parking as students will feel safer to park in west village and walk to west campus.

Renovations & Relocations

  • We facilitated approximately 50 moves across campus this summer. This is to make way for the first significant project of the Campus Master Plan which is the renovation of Burns, Chapman, Ingalls, Russell and Reid, which is now underway. When complete in summer 2018, Burns, Chapman, Ingalls, and Russell will be the new home for many programs within the Howard College of Arts and Sciences including the departments of History, Religion, Classics, Philosophy, English, Math/Computer Science, World Languages, Psychology, Political Science, Geography and Sociology. The moves occurring over the summer are as follows:
    • World Languages and Cultures now resides on the first floor of Russell.
    • Philosophy, Sociology, and Religion have moved into the space vacated by World Languages and Academic/Administrators in Dwight Beeson Hall (DBH).
    • Reid Chapel will receive upgrades beginning this fall to include HVAC systems, plaster repair, pew refinishing, steeple repair, and sound system upgrades. Spiritual Life has been relocated to Russell Hall while their space is renovated.
    • Ingalls Hall, ground floor and first floor will be renovated concurrently with Burns, Reid, and Chapman Halls and will be the new home of Admissions and Student Financial Services.
    • Samford Hall, 3rd floor is also currently undergoing minor renovations to create space for the General Counsel, Business Affairs, Institutional Research, and other administrative and academic functions which relocated into temporary space from DBH 3rd floor.
  • The Rotunda Club and Rotunda are getting a much-needed facelift with new paint, carpet, tile, furnishings, and fixtures. This work will conclude in November 2017.
  • Acoustics are being improved in the Hanna Center with installation of sound absorbent materials in the rafters. This work is nearing completion.
  • The Wright Center received ADA enhancements as well as dressing room improvements. Also over 30 leaks were repaired on the roof and plaster/painting was conducted inside the theater.
  • Plans are underway to relocate Public Safety and Emergency Management into Seibert Hall in the coming weeks. This will enhance the space needed for their function and enable more dedicated student space in the University Center.

Sustainability Initiatives

  • The Campus Infrastructure Improvement Plan is moving forward with over 1,100 windows having been installed. New lighting, sanitary fixtures, and weather stripping, have also been installed across campus. This $31M project is expected to bring $51M in energy savings to Samford University over the next 20 years.
  • A newly enhanced chiller plant located just north of OBB is online with a capacity increase of 1,000 tons, bringing the overall campus capacity to 6,000 tons of cooling.
  • New HVAC units are being installed in the University Center.
  • Building HVAC Control Systems are being installed and this work will continue through October.

Requesting Renovation or Significant Maintenance Projects

The office of Capital Planning and Improvement is responsible for construction and renovation projects on campus. In order to appropriately schedule upcoming projects, all renovation requests for Jan Term consideration must be submitted via online form by September 15. All renovation requests for Summer Term consideration must be submitted via online form by January 15. The Capital Planning Request Form (“Request a Project” button) can be found on the Operations and Planning website and in Forms Central.

SPACES Powered by Ad Astra

Over the summer, Events Management and Technology Services worked hard to build the new scheduling software for campus events. As of August 14, we are happy to announce we are live in the new software. SPACES can be accessed through the portal page or by going to A list of regular trainings can be found at, and weekly work sessions are held for those who have already attended a training. We encourage anyone who reserves meeting space on campus to attend!

We also developed a large event request form to assist in coordinating large events on campus. This form should be completed for any event when over 75 people are expected to attend. The form is in SPACES and once completed all the services you need (food, parking, public safety) will be notified.

Parking and Transportation

Check out the Transportation Services website to view the modified shuttle routes for fall. The Blue line has moved to the main route and new stops were added at Sherman Circle, North Deck, and Propst. Several other stops were adjusted based on ridership feedback.

Be sure to get your new parking decal soon, log into the Portal to request it. You will need your driver’s license number and your car license plate information to complete the registration.

Campus Safety and Emergency Preparedness

The office of Public Safety is enhancing campus security protocols. Late night study spaces for students (after midnight) will be in the University Center and only select academic buildings. After 10pm anyone entering campus will need a Samford ID and/or must be a registered guest of a student or employee.

The office of Facilities Management will enhance campus security by implementing new key management procedures. This fall, we will work with building coordinators to gather a key inventory for each building and its occupants. After the initial inventory is created, Facilities Management will maintain and update this information. Key requests should be made through a Key Request Form that can be found in Forms Central and on the Operations and Planning website.

A University-wide Fire Drill is planned for October 19 at 2pm and a shelter-in-place drill is scheduled for March 8, 2018. More details will follow. Further, Emergency Readiness Day will be hosted on Ben Brown on September 20, 2017.

We are delighted to welcome everyone back to campus and extend all our best wishes for a great academic year ahead. The next issue of Operations and Planning News in September will provide an update on the projects we will focus on for Fall and Spring 2017/18.