Photo Robinson Hall John G Harvey
Robinson Hall: John G. Harvey
Listen to Dr. John G. Harvey, a representative from the Education Council of the American Bar Association, address the audience at Robinson Hall's dedication ceremony.  
Photo Samford Hall Dedication, 1955
Samford Hall: Bill Mathis
Listen to Bill Mathis '56 read his account of the event, penned that spring evening back in his dorm room on the soon-to-be old East Lake campus. 
Photo Construction of Hodges Chapel
Hodges Chapel: Timothy George
Listen to Timothy George, dean of Beeson Divinity School, recount his calling to serve as the founding dean. 
Photo Reid Chapel Construction, 1960
Reid Chapel: Myralyn Allgood
Listen to Dr. Myralyn Allgood '61 describe convocation during her years as a student. 
Photo Mr. Beeson with Mr. Beeson statue
Mr. Beeson Statue: Ralph Waldo Beeson
Listen to Mr. Beeson talk about his father, a profound influence on his life.  
Photo Buchanan Hall
Buchanan Hall: John H. Buchanan Sr.
Dr. John Buchanan Sr. discusses how music reveals God. 
Photo Harwell Goodwin Davis Library, 1957
Harwell Goodwin Davis Library: Major Harwell Davis
Listen to Davis explain his inspiration and conviction to accept the presidency of Howard College. 
Photo Seibert Stadium, 1958
Seibert Stadium: Jack Green
Listen to Jack Green '50 read his account of the formation of the Howard College Sportsman Club that paved the way for the reinstatement of football in 1949 after the program was suspended for the duration of World War II. 
Photo Jabez Curry
University Center: Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry Statue
Listen to a selection from one of Curry’s speeches read by Joe Hopkins, Dean of School of the Arts. 
Photo East Lake Campus Marker
East Lake Campus Marker: John Pittman
Listen to John C. Pittman ’44 recall President Harwell Davis’s vision to move from East Lake to Homewood. 
Photo East Lake Campus Marker
East Lake Campus Marker: Chriss Doss
Listen to Chriss Doss '57 explain the move of Howard College from its original home in Marion, Perry County, to the East Lake campus.