You are almost there! Before you and your team take the monumental step of launching your site, you'll want to get real-world feedback to help you identify any problems you might have missed in the plan and build phases.

Self Test

Now that you have a working model of your site you need to evaluate how well it meets your audiences’ needs while meeting your goals and objectives.

User Test

  • Ask five people to sit down with you and give you feedback on your new site
  • Using your list of objectives from the planning stage, make a list of tasks for testers to complete
  • Take note of tester observations, patterns of usage and where they encounter problems
  • Be sure they can identify your products and services
  • Be sure they can identify the benefits of using your products and services
  • Be sure they can identify your unique selling point
  • Be sure they can identify your calls to action

Evaluate and Adjust

Using the notes from your user testing sessions analyze how well your site led test subjects to successfully fulfill your goals and objectives.
  • Identify areas where test subjects had difficulty completing tasks.
  • Have your team brainstorm solutions to the problem areas you identify.
  • Select a resolution and implement it in your site.
  • Perform additional rounds of user testing focused on problem areas until all tasks can be completed.

Contact Information

Let us know who you are. We’ll evaluate your information and contact you within two business days to prepare for the next step.