From design and usability to development and search engine optimization, the web management program at Samford University equips students to plan, build, test, launch and evaluate modern websites focused on driving visitor engagement.

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I had no idea how valuable the background classes in Web design and development would be when I started looking for a job. When my employer saw that I was able to communicate with both the design and development teams, she hired me on the spot.
Todd Cotton, Executive Director of Web and Digital Marketing, Samford University
This is a sample program page for our colleagues to follow and not an actual program of study available at Samford University.

Objectives & Goals

Students will master an understanding of the following skills:
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Training

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Is This Program for Me?

This program is well suited for big-picture people with attention to detail who are capable of being both creative and cerebral. In addition to being flexible and adaptable, candidates should be self-motivated, organized, love problem solving and communicate well. Web management is especially rewarding for people who appreciate a fast pace and constant change.

What Makes Us Different?

Holistic Approach

At Samford University, the web management program isn’t just a collection of disconnected classes. We take a holistic approach that starts with the big picture and never loses sight of it. Professors help students better understand the component parts of web management by clearly connecting classes and curricula back to the whole. 

Experienced Professors

One hundred percent of our professors have held successful positions in industry. Program professors aren’t just teaching theory from a book; they’re teaching proven, real-world techniques from years of experience.

Web Management Incubator

Our Web Management Incubator (WebMI) may be the most innovative teaching and learning program in the world. WebMI is a limited liability corporation wholly owned by the university.

Donors pay the company to develop Web solutions for non-profit charities at a discounted rate. All profits are disbursed into a scholarship fund that progressively benefits students as they graduate through Samford’s Web Management program.

Career Preparation

Market Ready

Through internships at WebMI, students begin applying skills learned in practical, hands-on training provided by industry experts. Our unique, immersive approach provides every web management student the opportunity to master a broad set of knowledge and skills while gaining a deeper understanding of industry challenges and solutions by experiencing various positions on every team in the business before graduation.

Career Opportunities

  • Director, Design
  • Director, Research and Development
  • Director, Sales and Marketing
  • Director, Technology and Engineering
  • Senior Analyst
  • UI Team Lead
  • UX Team Lead 

Internships & Fellowships

  • ABC Corp.
  • Accessible Web, Inc.
  • Index
  • Monarch Media
  • The Next Web
  • The Partnership for a Beautiful Web
  • Virtual Web Partners
  • W4
  • Web Management Incubator  

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Accolades, Faculty & Alumni

Professor explaining a concept.

Awards & Recognition

  • Finalist, National Web Design Competition (2016)
  • Winner, International Creative Code Competition (2016)
  • Honoree, Best of the Mobile Web (2015)
  • Web Marketing (2013)
  • People’s Choice Award (2011) 

Notable Faculty

  • Adam Roebuck, Teacher of the Year (2016)
  • Chandra Sparks Splond, Innovative Teaching Award (2015)
  • Donna K. Fitch, Web Design and Development Guild President (2014)
  • Todd Cotton, Webby Finalist (2013)

Alumni Careers

  • Quality Assurance
  • System Design
  • Systems Analyst
  • Usability Coordinator (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Various Web-related Team Management Positions
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Notable Alumni

  • Adam Roebuck, V.P. of Analytics, Analytics, Inc. (2013)
  • Chandra Sparks Splond, CEO, Content Marketing, Inc. (2010)
  • Donna K. Fitch, President, Web Marketing 101 (2000)
  • Todd Cotton, V.P. of Technology and Engineering, WEB, Inc. (2013)