Before coming to campus each day, students and employees may choose to complete Samford Healthcheck, a web-based COVID-19 assessment tool that allows users to report current COVID-19 symptoms, exposure history and testing history. Healthcheck is used to manage large groups and reduce the risk of further exposure to COVID-19. It informs public health and university officials about emerging symptom hot spots before these areas have significant consequences and also helps the university prioritize participants who might need COVID-19 testing.

Samford Healthcheck takes less than 30-seconds each day and contributes to a healthier campus community.  The first time you access Samford Healthcheck, you will complete an initial set up survey that takes approximately 20 seconds.  After that, you may complete healthcheck daily. 

All students and employees can access Samford Healthcheck on a phone, tablet, or computer by going to It is also accessible through the Alert Samford app. Employees can also access Samford Healthcheck through the portal.

Through healthcheck, you will report whether or not you have had symptoms or exposure to anyone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19. Based on your responses, Samford Healthcheck will assign you one of three categories: Least Risk, Maybe at Risk, or Greater Risk — each with its own instructions on how to proceed to campus or work. Samford Healthcheck is a HIPPA compliant platform.

What to do if you’re sick

Students with a fever, cough, sudden loss of smell or taste, or other symptoms of COVID-19 shall call University Health Services for an assessment at 205-726-2835. If needed, University Health Services will facilitate COVID-19 testing that strives to minimize inconvenience and delay.

Employees with a fever, cough, sudden loss of smell or taste, or other symptoms of COVID-19 shall be promptly tested by their primary health care provider.

All employees and students should immediately report to suspected cases of COVID-19; confirmed cases of COVID-19; or if they or other employees or students have been exposed to someone with (i) COVID-19 symptoms, (ii) confirmed COVID-19; or (iii) suspected COVID-19. The report shall be made within two hours of first obtaining any of the foregoing information.

Text Alternative for Healthcheck Flow Chart

  • User completes Healthcheck, a COVID-19 assessment tool.
    • No symptoms. No contact.
    • Reported symptoms or contact. Symptom/contact report sent to Student Health or Employee Health.
  • Risk categories provide actionable items:
    • Least risk
    • May be at risk
    • Greater Risk
  • Compliance report sent to Student Health or Human Resources