Published on August 25, 2020  

Dear Students,

Just 92 days from now you’ll be headed home for Thanksgiving break.  That is our goal: remaining on campus until November 24th.  You’ve likely seen the news from other schools across the country, where on-campus instruction has already been suspended.  Let’s show the world that Samford is different! 

The Return to Campus Guide  includes essential requirements that will protect each member of the Samford community and allow us to remain on campus for the duration of the semester.  I’d like to remind you of some of those critical guidelines:

  1. Mask wearing and social distancing MUST be observed at all times… in hallways, classes, outdoors, on trips to Target and even when sharing a vehicle with friends.  A good rule of thumb is to always wear a mask when you’re outside your room.  If you live off-campus these rules are still critical… a crowded house or apartment puts the entire University at risk.
  2. Visitation in the residence halls has been suspended, regardless of gender.  Individuals not living in a residence hall will not be granted entry into the building.  Due to social distancing guidelines, residents are limited to their own room or apartment and are not permitted to visit other student rooms, even in the same building. 
  3. Tables and chairs have been added to Ben Brown and the Quad to give you more opportunities to connect with one another.  They have been arranged to promote social distancing and are not to be moved or rearranged from their setting.  This same advice goes for any seating on campus… please respect the current arrangements.
  4. No off-campus events are allowed by any student organization or club, and on-campus events and meetings must meet the occupancy guidelines for the space.

Faculty, staff, students and administrators will be filing reports on the following form when students fail to follow these guidelines, as well as all others listed in the Return to Campus Guide.  For undergraduates, reports will be handled by the Student Conduct Office.  Complaints regarding graduate or professional program students will be forwarded to the respective program director or dean. 

If you are determined to have violated the COVID-19 safety requirements you may receive an initial warning, depending on the severity of the situation.  Subsequent violations will warrant immediate sanctions and fines, which may include suspension from the university.  Our collective effort to follow these requirements will greatly help Samford’s campus to remain open!

I’m grateful to the many of you who have already made these commitments.  We can do this.  We will do this.  But it will take all of us.  Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being on our campus. 

Have a great week, be safe, and, in the words of Dr. Westmoreland, please don't do stupid stuff. 

R. Philip Kimrey, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

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