Published on March 5, 2021  

Samford Community… I apologize for an error in the email sent earlier today.  Additionally, we’ve also received a few requests for clarification.  Thank you for paying such close attention!

The correction relates to the sixth paragraph.  It should read, “We have loosened the restrictions on intra-residence hall socializing.”  Students residing in the same residence hall may now socialize more freely.  The Office of Student Affairs has provided these guidelines to all residential students.   Later in that same paragraph we reference “evaluating inter-residence hall visitation,” which means that we are evaluating allowing students residing in one residence hall to visit with students in another residence hall.  If this action is taken, details will be provided by Student Affairs.  This DOES NOT mean that we are considering visitation by off-campus students or visitors in residence halls.  The restrictions on off-campus visitation remain unchanged.

In the paragraph related to Governor Ivey’s announcement that the state’s Safer at Home order will remain in place until April 9, 2021, a clarification is needed.  Samford’s protocols relating to masking, distancing, hand washing and testing will remain in place through the end of the semester. 

You can always find details and additional information on the university’s coronavirus website.

I apologize for the error and confusion but appreciate the opportunity to offer important clarifications along with the correction.  Take care… Buck Brock

Harry B. Brock III (Buck)
Executive Vice President
Samford University

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