Published on April 20, 2021  

Fellow Employees… A year ago, in just a few weeks, I wrote to you about a one-time vacation carryover.  Copied here are parts of how that email began.  It is doubly true today so I repeat it:

“The ways in which our faculty and staff have stepped-up to meet the challenges wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic have been nothing short of epic.  We have never experienced anything quite like this and never had to respond, at least in our tenure, in quite the ways that you all have done to continue the operations of the university and instruction for our students.  It has been remarkable, and I am so grateful for and proud of each of you. 

…One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the disruption of most every aspect of our customary ways of life, including breaks away from work, vacation and, if we can take vacation, it is likely not the vacation we had planned.” 

Perhaps we thought that the disruption would have waned more substantially by now and vacations would not have more likely been staycations or no real time away at all.  So, recognizing this and your continued exemplary efforts and sacrifice, the university is AGAIN granting a one-time COVID-19 vacation policy waiver.  This is how it will work (again):

  • Exempt and non-exempt employees eligible by policy to accrue vacation with accrued but unused vacation for fiscal year 2021 (FY 2021) as of June 30, 2021, will carry over to FY 2022 (beginning July 1, 2021) up to a maximum equivalency of five days.
  • Accrued and unused FY 2021 vacation exceeding five days will be forfeited.  For example, if you have seven days of unused vacation on June 30, five days will carry over to next year and two days will be forfeited.  If you have three days of unused vacation on June 30, all three days will carry over to next year.
  • FY 2021 unused carryover vacation days must be used during FY 2022 or be forfeited.  No unused vacation will carry over beyond FY 2022 which ends on June 30, 2022. 
  • The FY 2021 carryover vacation days are in addition to your regular FY 2022 vacation days.
  • If you have questions about the additional one-time carryover, send them to

All employees are encouraged to take vacation and time away from work between now and June 30; we all need a break.  This special carryover grant is extended in consideration of the burden imposed by the COVID-19 environment and the difficulty, for some at least, of a “normal” vacation before June 30.  Employees and supervisors should coordinate vacation schedules to avoid the operational pressure of the year-end rush.  As always, employee vacation schedules must be approved by their supervisor.  If you have questions about the additional vacation benefit, please send them to

Thank you for all that you do and especially for the ways that you do it to make positive things happen for our students and the entire Samford community.  We are blessed and will emerge from COVID-19 stronger for it.  Take care… Buck

Harry B. Brock III (Buck)
Executive Vice President
Samford University

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