Published on March 18, 2020 by Ian Philips, Manager of Performance Venues, School of Arts  

For many years I ran a business that was primarily online in nature, so I did a lot of working from home.  I always find lists and notes to be vital to my daily work in the office.  That practice becomes even more important for staying on task at home.  I make multiple to-do lists (today, this week, and long term).  As I accomplish tasks, I note them in a daily logbook, so I can go back and reference it if needed.  I keep a separate notebook of, well, notes!  Every time I speak with a client, go to a meeting, or even when I just need to do some calculations, I write down the important stuff, label it and date it.  Much of what I do revolves around logistics and scheduling, so keeping good, organized notes is critical to keeping up with the wide variety of tasks that have to be accomplished for each client/event.  In short, keep up as many of your “Best Practices” as you can and do your best to stay positive and adaptable. 

We can do this!