Published on March 18, 2020 by Dr. Lynn Hogewood, Director of Academic Support and Instructor of LLR and Non-Profit, Cumberland School of Law  
Day Three of Quarantine and Online Learning

We have skipped spring and landed in some summertime weather around here, reaching 80ish degrees today.

Tip of the Day

Enjoy it! Your focus and well-being can highly benefit from a sometime outdoors -- to sit and read but also to move with a little walk or whatever suits you. For those of you who struggle sitting in silence preparing for, taking, and reviewing after your class, break up the time with something outside. And, don't forget that you can enjoy field trips with carry out and curbside service of local businesses.

Bonus Information

Jeena Cho, the author of The Anxious Lawyer, has a website with many wellness resources which is linked on the Academic Support Canvas page. I reached out to Ms. Cho today, and she has provided the Cumberland and Samford community with a discount code for a daily 10-minute session of guided mindfulness—to reduce stress and to maintain focus with online learning during this time.

She is discounting the program for $30 off—just $19 to register. Please use the Code: MINDFULSAMFORD if you would like to register. Also, if you cannot afford the program but would still like to join, Ms. Cho has asked that you email her at She is glad to work with you so you can participate.