Published on December 14, 2015  

As I left my office in Samford Hall on Saturday morning to walk to the Hanna Center for our December commencement ceremony, I noticed seven or eight people gathered near the Christmas tree on Centennial Walk, one of them in cap and gown.  I assumed that they were trying to get ahead of the rush on a busy day in what has become the iconic Samford location for photographs.  A few seconds later, I looked again.  They had formed a circle and their heads were bowed in prayer.  My heart was gripped as I was reminded of the sacrifices that families have made, the prayers offered, the joys shared, the adversities overcome, the lessons learned, the friendships built, the knowledge gained, the wisdom pursued, the doors opened . . . all within the pathway of a Samford degree.     

The world is better because of the heartfelt prayers of Samford people.