Published on June 22, 2015  

Although God did not call me to preach, as the president of Samford I have more than my share of opportunities to stand in pulpits on Sunday mornings, preventing—as I often say—the congregation from hearing a good sermon.  Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking in the 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. services at the First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa, where Samford connections abound.  Prior to the first service, I met a lovely, soft-spoken lady who informed me—with appropriate pride—that Sonya Davis is her daughter.  Sonya is an instructor in the Core Curriculum at Samford, where she keeps alive (or kindles, if necessary) the love of learning in our students.  Sonya’s mom and I stood in the aisle of the church yesterday morning, giving thanks for her work and the fact that she is at Samford.  The setting of the exchange reminded me of the sacred calling that we have, even if we’re not called to preach.      

The world is better because of Sonya Davis (and her very nice mother).