Published on August 27, 2018  

Throughout the past week, filled as it was with meetings, preparation, and the arrival and return of students, I’ve never seen a better spirit of camaraderie at Samford.  (Which is NOT to imply that we didn’t have our moments of tension!)  Hundreds of people came together last week to renew their individual and corporate commitment to providing an environment of hospitality, from which will spring, beginning this morning, a season of teaching and learning.  I wish that my powers of communication were adequate to express the depth of my thanks to each person who has contributed to the successful beginning of this new year.  Perhaps this brief video will provide a glimpse of the gratitude of our students and their families for all that you have done:  One young lady, her thoughts captured in the video, said it best:  “I’m over the moon.”       

The world is better because hospitality abounds at Samford, preparing the way for extraordinary teaching and learning.