Terri Cahoon wrote to me recently of the remarkable impact of our nurse anesthesia program:

"Although we have just graduated our fifth class for a total of 102 graduates, our program is well represented in our professional organization. The board of directors of the Alabama Association of Nurse Anesthetists has five of the seven director positions filled by Samford graduates: Senior directors – David Fort, David Hambright, and Jen Overton, directors – Heather Fields and Andrew Morris. I am most excited about Heather Rankin, a member of our inaugural class of 2005, who has served as a director for three years and is currently serving as President-elect. These graduates represent Samford well as they daily minister to patients and their families in the stressful time of surgery and as they serve their colleagues in leading our professional organization to fulfill its mission, 'Advancing patient safety and excellence in anesthesia.' How incredibly blessed we are to have such amazing people affiliated with our program!"

The world is better because of our contributions to health care.