Our friend, Timothy Banks, wrote to me a few days ago:

Illene Hampton does so much more than serve my daily coffee!  Though she and others at O'Henry's in the food court know me at sight, and have that medium cup of dark roast coffee (black) ready at the counter before I actually get there in the line, that's just my personal joy--the one place in the world that I can answer "yes" when they ask "Your regular?"  Illene is really on a mission, I think; her smile and caring Christ-like manner came across recently as we hosted hundreds of All-State Choir Festival singers, teachers, parents, relatives, friends, bus drivers ... wow, what a list!  And d'you know what she said to me after the festival?  "Those folks were so nice; it was great to have them here."  Another wow ... I can't express how grateful I am for the loving, truly Christian example of service and hospitality shown by Illene and the scores of other staffers that helped us share our home ... our Samford ... with these important guests.  Allow me to paraphrase: "If you are to receive a smile, you must be willing to give it away."   I think that's part of Illene's mission.

The world is better because Illene Hampton and her colleagues share hope with others.