Jonathan Davis, Associate Professor in our Department of Family Studies, received a “Connecting Across the University Faculty Fellowship” last year, through which he was given a course reduction so that he could focus on the development of grant applications.  According to Brad Creed, our Provost and Executive Vice President, Dr. Davis collaborated with faculty and staff at Samford, colleagues at other universities in the Birmingham area, and law enforcement and volunteer agencies to address the problem of violence against women.  His efforts were not in vain.  A few days ago we received word of a grant in the amount of $499,551, to be shared among the collaborating institutions and agencies.  In announcing the grant, Dr.Davis said, “When citizens take action, we can prevent untold trauma and improve the health of our community.”

The world is better because Dr. Davis embraces the Samford values of “personal empowerment, accountability, and responsibility.”