Because it is located across Lakeshore Drive from the main campus, the Children’s Learning Center (CLC) is sometimes overlooked as an important element of our educational program.  One of our employees in university advancement, Kim Cripps, wrote to me a few days ago with a reminder of the great work that takes place each day at the CLC. 


“My daughter Emily attends the CLC. About a month ago, her teachers Jessica Bosley and Michele Fiut noticed that Emily’s eyes were crossing and suggested I take her to the eye doctor. Michele worked at the Blind Institute for three years, so her background was invaluable in noticing Emily’s vision problem. Within a week, we took Emily to the doctor and she was diagnosed with Strabismus and is also far-sighted. She wore her glasses to school for the first time yesterday. Around lunch time, I was preparing to email her teachers and ask how Emily was doing. Before I could do so, I received the following in my inbox from Jessica:


I just wanted to let you know that Emily is having a wonderful day with her glasses today!  She is recognizing all kinds of things that I guess she couldn’t see before.   She was throwing and catching the balls outside earlier which she doesn’t usually do and she thought it was hilarious and laughed every time she dropped it.  It’s so sweet! I’m just glad that you guys figured this out so early and were able to get it fixed!  Anyway, it’s just made us really happy today to see her so outgoing and laughing about little things that we didn’t know she was missing out on.  I had a jacket on today that had polka dots on it and she just looked at me and smiled and said “dots!”  Sorry to get so mushy, but we love our little girls and are really glad that she is happy wearing them since they’re obviously helping so much!  Hope you have a wonderful afternoon!  


“To know that my daughter is being cared for by teachers as amazing as Jessica and Michele, who are genuinely concerned about her well-being, warms my heart. My family is truly blessed to have them in our lives!”


The world is better because of the dedicated employees of the Children’s Learning Center.