Whether they are translating literary works or decoding strands of DNA, composing original musical scores or evaluating economic models, assessing the impact of teaching strategies or designing more effective ways to deliver health care, our students challenge themselves to make a difference in their academic communities, and the world.


Samford Undergraduate Research Journal

Sponsored and staffed by the University Fellows Program, the Samford Undergraduate Research Journal (SURJ) is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal open to submissions from all Samford undergraduates. SURJ is looking for the best research in any discipline offered at Samford University.


Sojourn (Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)

Sojourn is the literary arts magazine of Samford University. This biannual magazine features photography, poetry, art and short stories by both Samford students and faculty.

Wide Angle: A Journal of Literature and Film (Department of English)

A joint publication between English majors and faculty, this journal embodies the interdisciplinary nature of the Department of English at Samford University. It provides a venue for all Samford students, faculty and staff to publish their best critical and creative work.

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Summer Research Programs

Arts and Sciences Program for Independent Research

The Arts and Sciences Program for Independent Research (ASPIRE) is a one-on-one, faculty guided summer research experience for undergraduates. Since 2004, ASPIRE students have been rolling up their sleeves to do original research. They’ve waded Alabama rivers to collect water samples and spent long nights decoding DNA strands. They’ve scoured old prison records for information about historic civil rights cases and conducted interviews with survivors of the civil war in Bosnia. They’ve climbed mountains in Ecuador for information about changing climate patterns and uncovered 2000-year-old civilizations in Israel. Many of them describe their research as the best educational experience they’ve had in college.

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Alabama Power Foundation Research Fellowships

In 2007, the Alabama Power Foundation made a $250,000 investment in the University Fellows program. This gift established the APF Research Fellowships, competitive grants available exclusively to University Fellows. Previous recipients have conducted summer research in fields such as chemistry, classics, computer science and political science. These projects have resulted in conference presentations and scholarly publications, and have proven to be valuable preparation for graduate study.

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