Caleb  Strawn
Connections Coordinator

Hey guys! My name is Caleb Strawn, and I am senior from Lilburn, GA (just outside of Atlanta). You’ll soon find out that everyone and their mom claims Atlanta as their hometown, but I’m a real one and actually claim my hometown for what it is. I’m a huge proponent of the Birmingham food scene, rap music, and any and all things basketball. One of the things I’ve loved most about my Samford experience is that I now get to claim Birmingham as a real home too, and I can’t say enough about how my time at Samford has been the best decision I’ve ever made. You’ll always be able to find me hanging out on Ben Brown, posting up on Wall Street (aka the business school) and finding any and every excuse to spend time with people — they’re what make Samford so special. I’m so stoked that you’ve made the choice to call Samford home too, and I’m fired up to create a Connections experience that is one you remember for the rest of college!